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Bugrahan Saka
Jul 5, 2022

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Keeping your Google Shopping Ads performance under control is a quick, simple, and fully automated way with heybooster.

How To Automate Google Shopping Ads Performance Report

We mentioned that everything is easy with heybooster. Automating the Google Shopping Ads performance report is also just easy peasy! Let's see how it's done :)

1)The first thing you need to do to join the magic world of heybooster is to register.

2)Then click on the Integrations title from the left side menu and connect data sources with heybooster.

3) In the third step, click on Insight Categories and run the Google Shopping Performance package.

4)It's that simple. Now you can see insights and take action to improve your Google Shopping Performance.

5) If you wish, you can be notified quickly when there is any change in the data by clicking the Set a Notification option. So, you're in total control :)

You've invested in Google Shopping Ads to make your products more visible and to acquire more conversions, however, these ads are not working.

It can sometimes be somewhat annoying to see this. The next step is to understand why the Google shopping campaigns you are running are not performing well, and finding out the reasons behind this will take a lot of know-how and effort on your part.

You can choose from several packages in heybooster, each aimed at a certain kind of vertical. If you would like to maintain control over the performance of your Google Shopping Ads, you should always get started with only one click when running product performance packages.

Heybooster analyzes all of the data we have concerning Google Shopping Ads performance in minutes and shows us results that we can take action on. After the results are ready, click "go to results" to view them.

You can gain a quick overview of key metrics about Google Shopping Ads by looking at the graph that appears at the top of the product performance package results page, and you can also detect where you should do further investigation.

As you continue to scroll down the product performance results page, you will see actionable insights about Google shopping ads, and you will also be able to filter those insights.

Furthermore, when you click on any insight regarding Google Shopping Ads, you can gain an understanding of where the problem is with your Google Shopping Ads performance, and you will also be able to find out how you will be able to improve your Google Shopping Ads performance metrics.

The heybooster application provides you with the ability to remain in control of your Google Shopping Ads performance metrics without needing to visit the product performance package results page every day. The heybooster application allows you to easily receive notifications.

The product performance package will already be selected when you click on notify me. If you would like to receive Google Shopping Ads performance metrics notifications at the frequency of your choice, then you can do so. These notifications will be sent to you daily, on a weekly basis on Monday or when something unexpected happens.

Also, you can receive notifications via Slack or e-mail.

What are some factors that cause low conversion rates in Google Shopping Ads?        

The conversion rate of Google Shopping Ads is the ratio of clicks to total impressions. If the number of clicks is less than the number of impressions, then there will be a low conversion rate. There are a number of factors that can cause low conversion rates in Google Shopping Ads. The main culprits are usually
- The product being sold might not be relevant to the consumers.
- The ad might not be appealing enough or it might not have enough information about it.
- There may be a lack of trust between the company and the consumer which could lead to uncertainty about whether or not they should click on an ad.
And more…Don’t worry fortunitly heybooster here for help! Heybooster analyse your all Google Shopping Ads data in automatically and minutes, gives you a summary for anomalies, opportunities about Google Shopping Ads.        

What is the best way to get alerts for your Google Shopping Ads?        

There is no doubt that as a member of a digital marketing team, there are many things that they are expected to handle, things like creating marketing strategies, creating reports, optimizing the metrics, and so on. As well as ensuring that all Google Shopping Ads campaigns work as planned, they are also in charge of ensuring that they are running properly.In order for a company to succeed, keeping track of performance through daily inspections is vital, but putting additional effort where necessary is also essential. It is strongly advised that you use the HeyBooster to find anomalies in your Google Shopping Ads account much more efficiently and reliably than to check the account on a daily basis. As a matter of fact, this method will be far more reliable and easier to detect than the previous one. It will be possible for you to receive an alert when there are any changes in your Google Shopping Ads that are not expected. Additionally, you will have the possibility of setting up notifications to be received via email as well as Slack.        

How to Analyze Google Shopping Ads performance?  

To be able to analyze your Google Shopping Ads accurately, a certain level of technical expertise is required. There are many different types of data points available when it comes to determining how well a product is performing so that it can be analyzed. Although it may appear easy to analyze the performance of your Google Shopping Ads, you are better off keeping a close eye on the performance of your campaign on a regular basis in order to keep it under control at all times. There is no doubt that expertise is needed in order to successfully complete this task. And the good news is that Heybooster can assist you in that area as well! Heybooster helps you get the most out of your Google Shopping Ads campaign. With heybooster's analysis of all your Google Shopping Ads data, you can gain actionable insights you might not have found on your own.        

Tips and Tricks for Troubleshooting Google Shopping Ads

With just a few easy steps, you can fix many common problems with Google Shopping Ads.

1) Review the product data

Make sure all of the information about your products is correct and up to date, including the names, descriptions, and photos. Low conversion rates might be caused by inaccurate or poorly constructed product data.

2) Review who your target market is

Make sure you are marketing your products to the appropriate demographic. This may be accomplished by going through your targeting settings and making any necessary modifications.

3) Optimize your landing pages

Improve your landing pages by include a clear call to action for potential clients and making sure they are related to the products you are promoting. Make sure your landing pages load fast and are suited for mobile devices.

4) Use negative keywords

You may prevent specific terms from activating your adverts by include negative keywords in your campaigns. This can assist to guarantee that only relevant visitors see your adverts.

5) Try out several ad groups

Try out various ad groups with various targeting options. You may try different ad language and picture variations to find what resonates best with your target demographic.

With these little tips, you can spot missed points and make necessary improvements. Thus, the problems you have with Google Shopping Ads will be eliminated.


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