Find the Best Time to Run Google Ads During Shopping Seasons & Increase Your Revenue!

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İsmail Atasoy
Nov 25, 2022

A piece of information from the friendly data analysis tool of your neighborhood: Google Ads may be doing things behind your back and wasting your money, and you may not be aware of this🧐

Your campaigns may stop early in the day due to budget constraints or the wrong campaign setting. And such pauses in your advertising campaigns can cause serious problems for you, especially during periods when users search directly for purchases, such as during the campaign sessions.

It's not unusual for ad campaigns to pause. This can happen for many different reasons. However, the important point here is to be aware of this situation, especially during the limited-time shopping seasons.

One of the questions in the minds of many people who want to be successful in the world of ecommerce is when they will run their Google Ads campaigns and how they will find the right time. Then if you are ready, let's answer these questions and talk about how you can be aware of sudden changes in your advertising campaigns!

When to Run Google Ads During Shopping Seasons      

If you have a specific target audience and a time zone you want to focus on, running your ad campaigns 24/7 will have no additional benefits other than wasting money from your budget. Because no one (depending on the industry you are in, of course) wants to get up at 3 am and go shopping. Therefore, it would be much wiser to decide on the appropriate times to run your ad campaign by applying certain filters such as target audience and time zone.

We don't like to say this, but unfortunately, the best time to run your Google Ads campaigns actually depends on your industry and business. If you can correctly analyze the user group addressed by the sector you are in, you will see that you can achieve the best results. For example, if your audience is generally middle-aged 9-5 workers, it would not be wise to try to run your ads at these time intervals. Instead, it would be a better strategy to run Google Ads campaigns, accordingly, thinking that these people will prefer to shop when they come home and spend time in front of the TV.      

How to Find the Best Time to Run Google Ads During Shopping Seasons

One of the ways to see if users are engaging more with your Google Ads campaigns at certain times is to track the "Avg. Session Duration or Goal Conversion" metrics.

Thanks to these metrics, you can see the ads that users interact more with at certain times of the day and create new strategies.

Now meet heybooster to take firm steps using these metrics and more!

After detecting the most suitable times to run your Google Ads campaigns, it comes to the last step, time targeting, before setting the PPC campaign.

What Is Time Targeting?    

Time targeting, also known as dayparting, is a type of targeting in which marketers plan their paid advertisements to run at specific times or on specific days of the week to attract the proper audience. When most clients are browsing online, time targeting shows your ads to them.

If you do not change the default settings of Google Ads after running your PPC campaign, your ads will be displayed to users all day long. However, this is an undesirable situation, as we mentioned above, that users will not be able to see the advertisement.

As a solution to this situation, you can set time targeting thanks to the change in Google Ads format. For example, thanks to time targeting, you can set your ads to be displayed between 4 PM AND 8 PM on certain days of the week.

In this way, you can make sure that your ads are shown at the most appropriate times for your target audience, and in this way, you can ensure that your ads perform as you want and increase the conversion rate.            

Why Is It Important to Detect Advertising Campaigns That Lose Visibility?

The answer is actually very simple. Because you give your competitors the opportunity to get ahead of you. It is very critical to be constantly visible to users and to promote both your brand and your products, especially during shopping seasons. In this period, especially if your advertising campaigns are stopped during the hours when users are searching for direct purchases, other brands can easily attract users when you are not around 😊 That's why you need to be informed about sudden situations as well as when you run advertising campaigns.

For example, this week our users' Google Ads campaigns suddenly stopped before 3 PM in the middle of the day. Even if it is overlooked, this problem, which can be compensated by different methods in the long run, can cause big problems for you during discount seasons like Black Friday. Not being visible during this period will of course cause you to have an unproductive campaign season. However, the users gained during this period generally continue to be valuable customers for you in the future. In other words, if you can gain the trust of users and offer them the performance they want to see, they will tend to buy your products again thanks to the authority you create.

Therefore, even a few-hour pause in your Google Ads campaigns during these periods means a loss for you both in the short term and in the long run.

In other words, to prevent this situation, you need to detect the advertising campaigns that lost visibility.

How to Detect Google Ads Campaigns Losing Visibility

Now that you understand the importance of detecting advertising campaigns that lose visibility unexpectedly, we are sure that you are thinking about how to detect them 😊We have come to the part where everything is easiest. Because heybooster is here! Instead of providing you with one-time reports, heybooster allows you to take quick action by sending quick alerts about changes when you need to follow every moment carefully, such as the discount seasons. In this way, you can keep all the control and create strategies to get ahead of your competitors. Well then, let's see how you can detect these innocent-looking but troublesome ad campaigns with heybooster!

1) To recruit heybooster as an Inspector Gadget and not miss the smallest details, the first thing you need to do is to register!

2) In the second step, click on the Integrations title from the left side menu and connect the data sources and heybooster. No need to be surprised, all data sources are on one screen, and you can connect them quickly with one click 😊

3) In the third step, click on Insight Categories and run the Black Friday Performance package.

4) On the page that opens, click Ad Campaigns Losing Visibility to Potential Customers.

5) And that's it! Finally, by clicking on the Set a Notification option, you can now be aware of the changes in your Google Ads campaigns and create the perfect strategies.


To summarize, you can find the right time to run your Google Ads campaigns both with some metrics and with experience over time. Thus, you can more easily understand the dynamics of the industry you are in and analyze the search intents of the users.

However, it will not be enough to focus only on when you will run these campaigns. At the same time, you need to be constantly ready for problems such as the sudden stoppage of advertising campaigns during discount seasons such as Black Friday. heybooster is ready to help you as this monitoring will be difficult to do manually all the time. With heybooster, you can quickly receive alerts and take action when such negative situations occur.

Now step into the magic world of heybooster and boost your performance!


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