Account Anomaly Detector | Detect Google Ads Account Anomalies

Bugrahan Saka
May 27, 2022

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There are many problems you may encounter, especially if you use Google Ads, such as high CPCs and the fact that your campaigns may not be spending even though your ads are active. This can be very frustrating. Also are you sure about the performance of your campaigns running on Google Ads? Sorry, but I got bad news. Each day, there can be multiple anomalies on your Google Ads campaign without you knowing about them.

Tracking and improving anomalies on your Google Ads account actually is not so easy. Detecting and fixing these anomalies requires serious technical knoq-how and effort.

You do not have to worry as Heybooster is here to assist!

With heybooster, you will be able to detect anomalies within the Google Ad account of yours and be able to get answers on how to resolve all the issues within your Google Ad account.

Heybooster offers a wide range of different packages from a wide variety of different verticals based on what you are trying to improve. It is possible to run Google Ads account anomaly packages with just a single click, giving you actionable insights into what we can do in order to resolve anomalies in the account, and how you can avoid them in the future. Heyooster will analyze all your Google Ads data within minutes and will provide a summary within moments of the analysis being completed.

As you scroll down the Google Ads dashboard, you can see details about any anomalies that have been detected. If you click on a particular insight, you will discover information on the barriers that are causing the anomalies at the moment. Additionally, you will be able to learn how you can improve these anomalies and/or identify ways to eliminate them in the future.

Heybooster helps you to simplify the task of computing daily values for anomalies in your Google Ads account. That job can now be performed automatically by heybooster.

Using Heybooster, you are notified when an anomaly occurs in your Google Ads setup unexpectedly, helping you to react immediately. You will also have the option of choosing whether to receive a notification every day, every week, or only when changes occur unexpectedly. Additionally, you can receive notifications either through your Slack channel or through your email.

Start to detect anomalies on your Google Ads account by joining Heybooster!

Do I need technical knowledge to detect anomalies on Google Ads account?        

A certain level of technical expertise is needed in order to detect anomalies in your Google Ads account. To detect anomalies, it is necessary to track and report many different data points. Although detecting anomalies in your Google Ads account may seem like an easy task, you are better off keeping an eye on it on a consistent basis to keep your account under control. It is obvious that expertise is needed to do this. Thankfully, Heybooster offers help with that! heybooster highlights anomalies in your Google Ads account automatically and notifies you of any anomalies you might have discovered. As a side benefit, you will receive email or Slack notifications in case of any anomalies affecting your Google Ads account. Furthermore, Heybooster offers tailor-made actionable insights you can leverage to imrove the anomalies in your Googel Ads account.        

How to get alerts when there is an anomaly in the Google Ads account?        

As a digital marketing team, there are many things that team members are expected to handle, such as creating marketing strategies, creating reports, optimizing the metrics, and so on. Additionally, they are also responsible for ensuring Google Ads campaigns are working according to plan. It is very important to monitor performance through daily inspections; however, it is also essential to put in regular effort in order to succeed. By using the HeyBooster you will be able to find anomalies much more efficiently and reliably than by checking the account of Google Ads daily. In fact, this method will be much more reliable and easier to detect. It will be possible to get an alert when there are unusual changes in your Google Ads account. Furthermore, you'll have the option of getting notifications via email and Slack.        

How to get a summary for anomalies of your Google Ads account?        

You can easily identify which metrics in your Google Ads account are out of the ordinary and determine what needs to be focused on further by simply giving it a quick glance. If you go to the heybooster results page, you'll find actionable insights that will help you identify metrics that generate unexpected changes and cause anomalies. You can sort the changes that are causing anomalies in the Google Ads account by how those changes are causing them, or you can choose to see details of anomalies that you are interested in. In addition, you have the option of selecting any metrics you want about the anomalies you are interested in.


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