Weekly Summary Report

In between all of your work, it is hard to follow the work done on marketing and actually, you don’t want to be controlling every move your team or agency partner makes. heybooster sends you a summary email every week that includes the performance changes but also opportunities & actionable analysis.

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Real World Examples

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Executive Summary For Managers

heybooster success team work with managers who don’t have time and design insight that they want to get weekly together.

Easier Data-Driven Communication with Agency & Client

If you use heybooster with your agency, it is for data-driven project tracking. If any alert move in progress, it is also included in your weekly summary. 

Weekly Pre-Meeting Notes

Because heybooster highlights the changes and critical insights in its weekly emails, each team member knows what to focus on next.

Key Points

How it works

Track the Performance Changes Weekly

During the week you may not have time to check all changes, heybooster saves the main changes for you.

Select Your Weekly Insights

Just bookmarked your favourite insights, they will automatically send you weekly on Monday with updated data.

Anomalies on Your Account

Your key metrics may change unexpectedly, and anomalies are also included in your weekly email.


More About Weekly Summary Report

Who will get the weekly reports? Is it possible to set it only for a specific team member?

Anyone who is added as a teammate gets the weekly reports, however, the admin of the client can change the preferences and turn it off/on for the specific teammate.

Is it possible to receive an individual report or insight weekly via email?

Yes, other than the weekly summary report, you can also schedule a report or insight to get weekly via email or slack. Just select the insight, click ‘Set a Notification’ and set Weekly on Monday.

Each team member works in a different field of marketing, how can we set the weekly email that includes only the related insights with their field?

If the team has different responsibilities and wants to get only related insight weekly, they can set a weekly notification for the related insight categories. heybooster already dissect the insight into categories so if an SEO specialist wants to only get SEO insights, she can set a weekly notification for the “Organic Performance” category to get weekly SEO insights.

Get Weekly Summary Email

You don't need worry about performance changes or missing opportunities, in one email, heybooster summarizes all.