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Tracking the return on SEO investment and evaluating your strategy is not one time task and yes it takes time to see the effect on the revenue directly. However, with heybooster SEO insights, you can follow the improvement and the issues that need your attention.

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Real World Examples

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SEO Monthly Performance Summary

It summarizes the return of your SEO investments by comparing this month's important metric to the previous month and the previous year.

Organic Traffic Drops

Quick view of organic traffic trends and alert if you perform worse/better than expected range.

Keywords Improving In Ranking

What keywords are getting better rankings and what is the difference between old and new positions.

First Page Keywords

Being on the first page in google search results is crucial to attracting your customers, heybooster lets you see in what keyword searches you appear on the first page.

Organic visibility of non-branded keywords

heybooster shows you how your visibility with non-brand keywords changes as well as which keywords you won or lost.

Organic Performance of Top Performing Ads Keywords

Compare your Google Ads keywords analysis with organic keywords performance, so your team improve their keyword research with transactional ones.

Key Points

How it works

Google Search Console & Analytics

heybooster is the easier and faster way to understand how your SEO works effect your revenue by linking Google Search Console & Analytics.

Analyze Your Contents and Users’ Search

heybooster analyze your content performance as well as user’s search keywords before they visit your website.

Assist You with Google Ads Data

Keyword and performance data from Google Ads assist SEO teams in spotting trends and evaluating changes in organic performance.


More About SEO Insights

What is SEO - Organic Performance Insights?

SEO - Organic Performance Insights is analysis that help you to understand the return of SEO investments without any data analytics knowledge needed. When you connect your Google Search Console and Google Analytics data, heybooster provide the list of insights based on your pages and search keywords your visitors search to reach your website.

How can you use SEO Insights for eCommerce?

If you have already begun SEO work, Heybooster can help you track the changes in performance without any additional analysis. In which keyword search your website started to be visible on result, which content works best, in which keywords you lost visibility and so on.

How can you ask for more detailed analysis for SEO?

You can always ask for more analysis and give feedback for current insights. Click on request insight button at the top of the organic performance insights and leave your next analysis request. Team heybooster get back to you in the first 24 hours.