Peformance Anomalies Detection

An unnoticed anomaly in marketing campaigns wastes your budget and also prevents you from achieving your targets.

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Real World Examples

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Diagnosing traffic drops

 In the early hours of the morning, heybooster sends you an alert if your traffic is dropped unexpectedly with the traffic source you lost session.

Tracking daily return on ads spend (ROAS)

 If the daily ROAS of your campaign is not good for your account, heybooster alerts you with a detailed analysis to diagnose the problem

Positive revenue changes, hitting the records:

When the team hit the records and gets the highest revenue, heybooster sends an alert to congratulate them on their success.

Active campaigs stop spending

It may be your best campaign but because of an error, it is stopped by Google or Facebook, heybooster notice this anomaly and alert the team.

Brand Campaign CPC Changes

Because of the competition, seasonality or maybe the campaign bid strategy, brand campaign CPC may rise significantly, Heybooster alerts you to the unusual changes on day 1.

Tracking product page view per session

The first step of the shopping funnel is viewing a product, heybooster assists you if your product page view per session decreases from the specific traffic source.

Data Discrepancy between Google Analytics and Google Ads

Any significant difference between Google Ads clicks and Google Analytics sessions will affect your reporting and optimization decisions negatively. That's why heybooster tracks it for you.

Irrelevant keywords that have a high bounce rate

Your website may drive traffic from irrelevant keywords that have a high bounce rate and no conversion. heybooster detect and alert the team before wasting huge amounts of money.

Catching the non-brand keyword trends on SEO

eCommerce managers can follow the non-brand traffic changes with heybooster and if any keywords’ traffic rise unexpectedly heybooster alerts the team with the opportunity to catch the trend.

A landing page has a huge organic traffic drop in a day

If a landing page lost its traffic instantly, it may be an alert for a significant technical problem that prevents your landing page to drive session anymore.

Missing analytics tracking alerts

Because of technical problems, you may lose some part of the Analytics data like product view, number of add to cart or even transactions. Heybooster alerts you when it is detected.

Key Points

How it works

Daily Performance Metrics

heybooster checks your performance metrics every day, and automatically shows results.

Benchmarks for Your Site

heybooster calculate the expected highest and lowest value for your key metrics and compare them with current results.

Alert for Your Key Metrics

You don’t need to control another platform, heybooster alert you by email.


More About Anomaly Alerts

Which metrics are heybooster tracking for anomaly detection?

Heybooster is able to track all the metrics that are collected from integrated data sources like conversion rate, revenue, add to cart rate, ads frequency, organic impression etc.

How does anomaly alert work?

heybooster analyzes your account daily basis and finds the acceptable highest and lowest value for your account. If the last day’s value is higher or lower than this range, you get a notification in your email in the early hours of the morning.

May I set my own benchmark for anomalies?

With heybooster KPI Tracking, if you have a specific target that you want to track for specific channel or landing page, set your KPI and heybooster will keep track of your performance every day and alert you if you are not on track.