KPI Prediction & Tracking

After weeks and weeks of furious campaign planning, strategy & operation, you finally make it ready. And now it is time for counting dollars. There is just one problem - who will track everything is going as it is planned?

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Real World Examples

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Over / Spending Budget Tracking

Give your budget, and let heybooster the forecast and tell you how will you end the month. It alerts if it is predicted you will overspend or underspend.

How much of my revenue goal have we completed?

How much of your target you already achieved, your month to date revenue and completion rate, are automatically calculated by heybooster.

Daily Key Metrics Summary on Slack & Mail

What did you achieve yesterday, how much of your monthly goal has been accomplished and are you on-track to achieve the target; get a summary of it on your email or Slack. 

ROAS Tracking by Channel

heybooster allows you to set different goals for different channels and assign them to one person on your team to focus on them and get alert for changes.

Prediction to Define Current Month Target

Because heybooster predicts the month-end value, it also helps you to define or adjust the current month's target.

Key Points

How it works

Month-To-Date Progress

heybooster show you how much of target has been achieved so for and what’s the current MTD value.

Predicted Run Rate

heybooster calculates the month-end value daily, giving you a clear picture of what will happen even on the first day of the month.

Alerts If You’re Off-Track

heybooster alerts you if it is predicted that you will not able to reach your target.


More About KPI Tracking & Prediction

Which metrics heybooster can track and make predictions?

We have a list of KPI metrics that include revenue, transactions, costs, conversion rate, CPA etc. In response to feedback, the list is constantly being updated.

How frequently I get notifications about KPI performance?

It is about which type of notifications you set up. There are 3 options; daily, weekly on monday or only whenever changes happened. “Whenever change happened” means sending notifications only when the “off-track / on-track” status is changed.

Is it possible to set daily or weekly targets?

No, currently heybooster only work with monthly target. However, most of our users that have weekly target turn it to the monthly and set it to heybooster. So heybooster helps them stay on-track as well.

Start To Track KPIs

From measurement to product based performance, heybooster reveal the issues on your accounts.