Google Analytics Audit

To make decisions based on Google Analytics, you must always keep data quality high and have the right setup. However, Google Analytics data might get ruined due to even small changes in your website design. heybooster audit your Google Analytics and repeats it daily and sends you a notification if something is broken or fixed.

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Real World Examples

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A sudden drop in bounce rate

Bounce rate is one of the vulnerable metrics that effects by small changes. heybooster alert you if it is broken and unexpectedly low.

GDPR Compliant

Control your analytics data if it is GDPR compliant or not.

Activating Remarketing Lists

You will waste most of your marketing budget if you do not activate remarketing lists. heybooster controls the remarketing lists for you.

Event Tracking Stopped

heybooster keeps track of event data and alerts you if one of the events drops drastically or stops.

Correct Channel Grouping

Default channel grouping may break just a new traffic channel arises, spoiling all your reporting. heybooster control “other” channel and let you know if a new critical channel shows up.

Not Set Landing Pages

It may appear due to a variety of reasons, creating an unclear data picture for marketers.

Currency Setup

Setting Google Analytics currency incorrectly can create friction in your reports as well. heybooster warn you if suspicious data is seen.

Enabling Enhanced eCommerce

Even if you complete the development process, detailed eCommerce data will not appear without this setup. That’s why it is a critical point in heybooster Google Analytics Audit.

Google Ads Account Linking

If running Google Ads campaigns, is the Ads account linked with Google Analytics?

Key Points

How it works

Google Analytics Audit Checklist

heybooster have a checklist that includes more than 30 different points and updates with your feedback.

Repeat it Daily

The audit is repeated every day, and control if any changes arise.

Send Notification for the Changes

If the change is detected, heybooster sends the notification to the person who set it up.


More About KPI Tracking & Prediction

Is this audit created only for Google Universal Analytics (GA3) or Does it include GA4 as well?

Currently, heybooster Google Analytics Audit is only for GA3. However, we will launch the audit for GA4 when we integrate with GA4 in Q2/2022.

Why do you need a Google Analytics Audit daily?

To ensure the data quality, you need to control analytics every day, as even a third party implementation you did for completely unrelated purposes may affect your Google Analytics.

Who should use Google Analytics Audit?

Anyone who decided based on Google Analytics data should use Google analytics audit and moreover activate its notification so they can let know about the changes that affect their decision. It is mostly used by web analysts, digital marketing specialists and eCommerce marketing managers, and of course account managers in agencies.