Conversion Rate Insights

Even if you are doing everything right on ads or SEO, your revenue may not increase as you expected. But why? Before alarming your team, consider the reason behind the visitor does not complete the purchase.

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Real World Examples

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Promoted Products Without Any Conversion

It may be because of stockout or understock problems if your most promoted product page does not drive transaction or have high bounce rates, you will this insight.

High Loading Speed of Top Landing Page

Your campaign conversion may drop just because its landing page is not working properly and it takes time to load. heybooster detect it before it wastes your budget.

Internal Site Search Performance

Site search on your website is the best way for your customer to find their needs, heybooster site search analysis assists you to improve it.

Multi-Channel Performance for Landing Pages

What channels do you use to promote your landing page? Which channel does your landing page drive conversion.

Potential Top Products

heybooster analyzes each product view and its conversion rate, then highlight if the product has the potential to sell more if more people see it.

Number of Products Active on Your Ads

How many of your products are promoted to your users? heybooster tracks the number of products that are active on your ads and alerts you if it decreases.

Key Points

How it works

Landing Page Insights

Your landing pages should harvest your marketing and sales strategies. heybooster analyzes your landing pages by speed, session, conversion rate, bounce rate, channel and device, and alerts you if any issues arise that may affect your revenue.

Product Performance Insights

Products are the most important assets on an eCommerce website, heybooster analyzes your website daily to control top product and category performance including their channel-based performance and reveals valuable product related insights.

Shopping Funnel Insights

A broken step on your customer journey on the website cause your customer to exit and not complete their purchase. Ultimately, early detection of any issues on your website is vital, and Heybooster will assist you in identifying them.


More About Conversion Rate Insights

In order to get conversion rate insights, which integration is required?

Conversion insights use mostly Google Analytics data, that's why we highly recommend you integrate with Google Analytics. However, if you are not sure about your current Google Analytics setup, please first activate heybooster measurement insights and fix the issues that were highlighted there.

Is it possible to get these analyses for any historical period?

Unfortunately, currently, it is not possible, heybooster analyzes the recent period like the last 7 days, this month, this week etc. However, in near future, we are planning to add this function as well. Thumbs up, if you would like to analyze historical data 👍 

How can I improve the conversion rate based on heybooster insights?

heybooster provides the bottlenecks that avoid your customers to purchase. It works as a virtual data analyst in your team. You can either share these insights with your team or let our team meet with our agency partners.