Continuos Marketing Audit

There are a lot of different digital marketing channels you expect revenue or sessions. An unnoticed change on one of the channels can turn upside down all your marketing performance. heybooster helps you assess your current online marketing performance, pinpointing areas that need improvement and highlighting opportunities.

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Real World Examples

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Conversion Tracking

heybooster ensures the quality of your conversion data and monitors your conversions and goals.

GDPR Compliant

Control your analytics data if it is GDPR compliant or not.

Most Viewed Product Page That Do not Convert

Audit your product data, are you promoting the right products, and how their return is.

Budget Allocation

heybooster controls your campaigns’ budget, and shows their performance based on their cost & return.

Landing Page Speed Impact on Campaign Performance

Assist you to monitor and optimize your landing page speed for Ads Campaign.

Ads Keyword & Landing Page Bounce Rate

Reveal the irrelevant keywords that drive traffic to your landing page.

Referral Exclusion for Payment Gateways

An error in your Google analytics led to the loss of the original traffic channel of transactions. heybooster alert you when the error showed up.

Session Click Discrepancy

When a significant discrepancy occurs between Ads platforms and Analytics, heybooster alerts the team before it affects long-term reports.

Broken Add to Cart Step

Your sales funnel may break unexpectedly, but heybooster audit it daily and alerts you before it affects significant revenue.

Bot Spam Excluding

You mat get bot traffic and it spoil your analytics data, heybooster audit and alert you to filter it before making decision.

Top Product Ads Performance

Which product are visible on your ads and how they perform.

Transaction Duplication

Common problem in analytics and prevent you to see correct values.

Key Points

How it works

First Time Audit

If you give a start to improve your digital marketing, heybooster makes the first time audit and lists the issues with their priority.

Daily Automated Control

heybooster controls the critical changes on your marketing data in its daily check and alerts your team.

Help Analyst and Marketers

It is like a virtual analyst so it prepares analysis for marketers who can’t work with analysts but also helps analysts by automating routine analysis.


More About Continuos Marketing Audit

How does heybooster make audits for different data sources at once?

For each data source like Google Analytics, Google Ads, Facebook etc. heybooster has a pre-defined audit checklist. So once you connect your account, heybooster control all of the pre-defined analysis in minutes and sort them by the impact on your revenue.

Could I add my own checklist to a daily audit besides predefined analysis?

The short answer is yes. heybooster is an analysis machine that automates every single analysis that is added to the system and allows you to set benchmarks for alerts. That’s why asking for new insight and automating your analysis are both possible.

Which marketing field does Heybooster audit?

Currently, the most popular topics are Analytics (Measurement) Audit, Paid Marketing including Google Ads & Facebook, Organic Performance, Product Performance, Conversion Rate Optimization, and Landing Page Performance.

Get Your Marketing Audit

From measurement to product based performance, heybooster reveal the issues on your accounts.