Tiny situations' huge cost

Google Ads
2 min read
Kader Ağdağ
Feb 4, 2021

Some rodents are nibbling at your budget inside, do you hear that? 🐰
These rodents are slowly causing huge damage in places you have never noticed. What are these rodents? How is your budget running out?
Come on, what are we waiting to detect.

‌Search terms that do not bring any conversions for your Dynamic Ads campaigns, but attract traffic with a high CPC, can wipe out your budget in just one day.

If you don't check the cost and cost-per-click of those search terms every day, your campaign's final performance, which can have high performance, will be underwhelming by just one search term.

‌To get clicks in smart bidding strategy campaigns, CPC can be increased to the maximum limit. (If the necessary optimizations are not made in the campaigns)

High CPC problems are usually caused by;

‌• If your search terms or keywords have low-quality scores
‌• If your final URLs you set in your campaign are not user-friendly.
‌• If your competitor gave higher CPC for the same keyword

‌Do you want to have an assistant who checked this for you every day and each search term? Heybooster would be pleased to assist you.

Let's analyze together to see how much it can improve site performance.

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